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SECTION 282319




A. Provide a complete IP video recording system, including engineering, components, installation and commissioning.


NOTE TO SPECIFIER: Include related sections as appropriate if NVR is integrated to other systems

A. Section 260500 – Common Work Results forElectrical, for interface and coordination with building electrical systems and distribution.

B. Section 280513 – Conductors and Cables for Electronic Safety and Security, for cabling between system servers, panels, and remote devices.

C. Section 280528 – Pathways for Electronic Safety and Security, for conduit and raceway requirements.

D. Section 281300 – Security Management System,for interface and coordination with electronic access control systems.

E. Section 282313 – Video Management System, for interface to a digital video management system.

F. Section 282323 – Video Surveillance System Infrastructure


A. Reference Standards: Provide systems which meet or exceed the requirements of the following publications and organizationsas applicable to the Work of this Section:
1. Canadian ICES-003
2. Consultative Committee for International Radio (CCIR)
3. Conformity for Europe (CE)
4. Electronic Industry Association (EIA)
5. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
6. Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
7. National Television Systems Committee (NTSC)
8. Phase Alternating by Line (PAL)9. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)
10. Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
11. Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA)
12. Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF)


A. HD (High-definition) – refers to video having resolution substantially higher than traditional television systems. HD has one or two million pixelsper frame.
B. CIF (Common Intermediate Format) – refers to a standard video format, which is categorized based on the resolution.


A. The Network Video Recorder (NVR) supports simultaneous recording, search, and system management for 16 IP surveillance cameras. Multiple NVR's may be deployed for system expansion and multiple instances of client software runon the same workstation PC for simultaneous viewing of multiple units.
B. Basis-of-design is the Honeywell MAXPRO NVR XE


A. Manufacturer’s Product Data: Submit manufacturer’s data sheets indicating systems and components proposed for use, including instruction manuals.

B. Shop Drawings: Submit complete shop drawings including connection diagrams forinterfacing equipment, list of connected equipment, and locations for major equipment components.

C. Record Drawings: During construction maintain record drawings indicating location of equipment and wiring. Submit an electronic version of record drawings not later than Substantial Completion of the project.

D. Operation and Maintenance Data: Submit manufacturer’s operation andmaintenance data, customized to the system installed. Include system and operator manuals.

E. Field Tests: Submit results of field testing of every device including date, testing personnel, retesting date if applicable, and confirmation that every device passed field testing.

F. Maintenance Service Agreement: Submit a sample copy of the manufacturer’s maintenance service agreement,including cost and services for a one year period for Owner’s review. Maintenance shall include, but not be limited to; labor and materials to repair the system provide test and adjustments, and regular inspections.


A. Manufacturer: Minimum ten years experience in manufacturing and maintaining IP video recording systems. Manufacturer shall provide toll-free...
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