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I. Presentation
A. Where did they come from?
B. Where did they live?
C. Where did they travel?
II. Systems of life
A. Political system: type of government
B.Political system: social classes
C. Economic system: did they become rich?
D. Specials customs and ideas
III. Impact in the world
A. Positive aspects
1. The language and vocabulary2. Fostered commerce
B. Negative aspects
1. F
2. J
3. K
In this essay in going to talk about the Vikings. The Vikings, sometimes called Norsemen came from Scandinaviawhich today is conformed by Denmark, Norway and Sweden and most of their settlements where near rivers. The Vikings lived form late 8th century to the mid 11th century. The Vikings traveled to NorthAmerica, most of Europe, Green land, North Africa, England, Ireland, Russia, and Italy.

At the begging Vikings lived in communities, these where independent and each had a king. A king didn’t had theimportance it has now, there were many kings and ruled only a small piece of land and some of the kings were war chiefs with no land. The kings could be kings as long the people want him. Eachcommunity had an assembly that acted as court and the only who could be in it were the ones who owned land. The nobles or jarls had the same power and land as the king and ruled according to the laws thatweren’t written they were opinions chosen by the majority of the people. They had a law man who knew all the laws that weren’t written. Later people united and there was only one king.
The socialclasses of the Vikings were made up of three different classes, freeman or Karls who where land owners and farmers above them were the Jarls or the nobles, they had treasures, ships, their wealth, andland. If a Karl gains enough fame and wealth they could become Jarls. Below the Karls and Jarls came the praell or slaves and bondsmen, if a Viking couldn’t pay his debts he was obligated to become a...
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