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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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It was a beautiful sunny day outside and my husband and I had decided to take his son to try something none of us had done before. We were going canoeing. We got to the place where they rented us the canoe, the woman at counter gave us two oars and three life preserver and mention that we didn’t have to wear them but it was require to have them on the boat, I was ok with it, since all of themhad this terrible smell of mustiness to it. We started walking down a road that eventually led us to the river. I told them to stop for a moment so I could take some pictures of what we never thought was going to be the beginning of one of the most adventures days of our lives.
My husband 16 years old son Fernandito had came from Puerto Rico a week ago and he was going to stay with us for one moreweek. My husband Arckel thought going canoeing was a great idea to spend some fun time with him but to me it was more like a boring date.
After two minutes walk, we finally saw this wide and calm river cover with tall trees in both sides , which I thought was weird since I was used to Colombia’s river with very strong currents of water flowing constantly, but this river looked more like a laketo me, with no rocks overhanging the water surface or the noise of the water running through them. As we kept going down the small hill we could see all the canoes lined upside down at the side of the river. Arckel begin pulling one down and Fernandito proceeded to help him, and I stared filming the place.
We manage to get inside the canoe, and immediately find out that water was gettinginside of it through a little tiny hole. We had to go back and get another canoe. This time we made sure there weren’t any holes on it. I got into one corner of the canoe, Fernandito sat on opposite side and my husband decided he was going to go in the middle, suddenly he lost balance and fell into the water, we all laugh but soon started realizing things where not going to be as easy as we thought.
We determined that we needed a different strategy if we didn’t want to all end up in the water. Fernandito move to the middle of the boat since he was the lightest one and his dad sat at the back of the canoe and I stayed in front trying to maintain the direction which sometimes seemed really hard to do since I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing; in fact, none of us did. The more we keepgoing, the wildest the forest became. We started seeing cat fish swimming beneath the canoe, lots of them. The water was pure crystal, and we could see everything through it, but what we never expected to see was the baby alligator puking his head out of the water, that was a freaky moment, not because the little one, but just imaging that his mom could be anywhere near to us. Why the woman atthe rental didn’t say anything about alligators? How can this people not mention the risk you are taking when going canoe in this river? or maybe they assume everybody should know that. But not us! There are no crocodiles in Colombia’s river, at least not in the ones I used to play. But the worst it was yet to come.
We kept going admiring the beauty of the nature, expecting to see wild animalsaround those trees. We had to lower our heads when passing through some tree branches, but my husband had forgotten his sun glasses being in his head, and the branches knocked them to the river, he was not about to lose his favorite pair of Ray Banns and didn’t hesitate to jumped into the water for them. Fernandito and I were in shock for a moment and then became laughing so hard that we didn’trealize the boat was heading in the opposite direction where my husband had jumped; After gotten his glasses, Arckel became conscious and worried about the alligators and desperate tried to got out of the water but the bank was very high, the river was about 6 feet deep, taller than all of us. Fernandito begin paddling, not knowing what he was doing he was leading the canoe to the opposite side where...
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