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Future Technology Devices International Ltd.

Vinculum VNC1L Module

Copyright © Future Technology Devices International Ltd. 2007


1. I n t r o d u c t i o n a n d F e a t u r es
1.1 Introduction
The VMusic2 module is a product which not only lets you add USB Flash disk interfacing to your product, but also allows you to play backMP3 and other popular digital music formats directly from a USB flash disk. Only four signal lines plus 5V supply and ground are required to be connected. Extensions to the Vinculum VDAP command set allow you to play a selected file, as well as control the volume, balance, etc. of the sound channel, and monitor the status of the file being played. The Vinculum VDAP firmware also allows the VNC1L’sI/O interface to be selected between the serial UART or SPI using on-board jumper pins. The VMusic2 is ideal for adding MP3 playbackfrom USB drive capabillity to home entertainment and in-car audio systems, as well as other appliances requiring audio playback capabillity from USB Flash disks. Not only is the VDrive2 ideal for evaluation and development of VNC1L designs, but also its neat enclosureand attractive quantity discount structure makes this module suitable for incorporation into finished product designs. The Vinculum VNC1L is the first of F.T.D.I.’s Vinculum family of Embedded SoC USB host controller integrated circuit devices. Not only is it able to handle the USB Host Interface, and data transfer functions but owing to the inbuilt MCU and embedded Flash memory, Vinculum canencapsulate the USB device classes as well. When interfacing to mass storage devices such as USB Flash drives, Vinculum also transparently handles the FAT file structure communicating via UART, SPI or parallel FIFO interfaces via a simple to implement command set. Vinculum provides a new cost effective solution for providing USB Host capability into products that previously did not have the hardwareresources available.

1.2 Features
• • • • • • • • • • • • • �ses F.T.D.I.�s VNC1L�1�� em�edded ���� host controller I.C. device com�ined with VL�I V�100�� I.C. �or music play�ack. ���� ���� type socket to connect ���� Flash disk. �tereo ��.�mm headphone �ack socket �or audio play�ack ��udio line�out connector �or audio play�ack �nly �our signals to connect�� e�cluding power and ground.�umper selecta�le ����T or ��I inter�aces. �ingle �V supply input. �������� ���������� ���� �������� ���������� ���� ���� �������� ���������� ����� ��������� ��� ���������� ���� ���� �������� ���������� ����� ��������� ��� ���������� ���� ����g���� �� �p���� ��������� v�� �SB F���h ���k �� v�� ��R� ����������� �NC1� ��������� p��g��������g �������� p��� ��ROG# ��� R�S��# b���gh� ��� ���� ��������j���p�� ���������� (only accessi�le on internal module �C��) VMusic2 is a ����ree�� �oH� complaint development module. S��h����������� ��� ��������� ����� �v����b�� ��� �������� ����� �h� Vinculum we�site. S��h����������� ��� ��������� ����� �v����b�� ��� �������� ����� �h�

VMusic2 Vinculum VNC1L Module Datasheet Version 0.98

© Future Technology Devices International Ltd. 2007


2. P i n O ut
2.1 VMusic2 Pin Out

Line Out Right 3.5mm Stereo audio jack GND Line Out Left

8 RI# 6 CTS# Power / Traffic Indicator bi-colour LED 5 TXD 4 RXD 3 5V0 2 RTS# 1 GND GND UART/SPI 3V3OUT USB Flash Drive interface


Figure 1 � VMusic2 �in �ut � ����T inter�ace. Ta�le 1 � �ort �election �umper �ins UART/SPI
�ull��p �ull�Down

I/O Mode
�erial ����T ��I

2.2 UART Interface SignalDescriptions
Ta�le 2 � Data and Control ��us �ignal Mode �ptions � ����T Inter�ace Pin No.
1 2 �� 4 � 6 7 8

GN� R�S# �V0 �XD TXD C�S# NC RI#

�W� �utput �W� Input �utput Input � Input

�ignal ground �equest To �end Control �utput / Handshake signal �V supply input �eceive asynchronous data input Transmit asynchronous data output Clear To �end Control...
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