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Vocabulary (3period): History, education and environment.

1. Culture: The act, beliefs, ideas of a particular society.
2. Caste (Casta): Any of the four hereditary social classes into whichHindus are divided.
3. Pharaoh: A ruler of ancient Egypt.
4. Hieroglyphic (Jeroglífico): A form of writing using pictures or symbols to represent a word, a syllable or sound.
5. Zoolatry (Zoolatría):Worship animals.
6. Empire: A group of states, etc under the control of single rule.
7. Hebrew: A member of ancient semitic people.
8. Democracy: A form of government elected by the people.
9. War:An armed struggle between nations.
10. Monarchy: A government in which a monarch is the head of state.
11. Medievalism: The period in Europe history roughly between the decline of the Roman Empireand the start of the Italian renaissance.
12. Feudalism: A social system in the middle ages, in which people received land and protection from someone of higher rank.
13. Barbarian: A cruel andwild person.
14. Law: The systems of rules that people in a country, city or state must obey.
15. To conquest (Conquistar): The act of defeating or controlling a group of people.
16.Revolution: Violent overthrow of a government or political system by the governed.
17. Civilization: A society that is well organized and developed.
18. Islamism: The religion that was started by Mohammed andwhose holy book is Koran.
19. Cavalry (Caballería): The part of an army consisting of soldiers on horseback.
20. Hierarchy (Jerarquía): A system of organization in which people have higher andlower ranks.
21. Abbey (Monasterio): A group of monks or nuns living as a community.
22. Hermit (Ermitaño): A person who lives alone, especially for religious reasons.
23. Crusade: A campaign in aidof a case.
24. Parliament: The highest law-making assembly of delegates.
25. Congress: A large, especially international assembly of delegates.
26. Senator: A member of a senate.
27. Renaissance...
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