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ability (n)
able (adj)
about (adv & prep)
• about 500 students (adv)
• The film is about a small boy.
above (prep)
abroad (adv)
absent (adj)
accept (v)
access (n)
• disabled access
• internet access
accident (n)
accommodation (n)
accompany (v)
according to (prep)
account (n)
accurate (adj)
ache (n & v)
achieve (v)
act (n & v)
• in the second act (of the play) (n)
• to act in a play (v)
• to act strangely (v)
action (n)
active (adj)
activity (n)
actor (n)
actress (n)
actual (adj)
ad (advertisement) (n)
add (v)
addition (n)
• in addition
additional (adj)
address (n)
admire (v)
admission (n)
• charges/cost/price
admit (v)
adult (adj & n)
advanced (adj)
adventure (n)
advert (n)
advertise (v)
advertisement (n)
advice (n)
advise (v)
aeroplane (n)
afford (v)
afraid (adj)
after (prep)
afternoon (n)
afterwards (adv)
again (adv)
against (prep)
age (n)
aged (adj)
agent (n)
agency (n)
ago (adv)
agree (v)
ahead (adv)
aim (n & v)
air (n)
air-conditioning (n)
airforce (n)
airline (n)
airmail (n)
airport (n)alarm (n)
alarm clock (n)
album (n)
alike (adv)
alive (adj)
all (adj, adv, det & pron)
all right/alright (adv)
allow (v)
almost (adv)
alone (adv)
along (adv & prep)
aloud (adv)
alphabet (n)
already (adv)
also (adv)
although (conj)
altogether (adv)
always (adv)
a.m. (adv)
amazed (adj)
amazing (adj)
ambassador (n)
ambition (n)
ambulance (n)
among(amongst) (prep)
amount (n)
amusing (adj)
ancient (adj)
and (conj)
angry (adj)
animal (n)
ankle (n)
anniversary (n)
announce (v)
announcement (n)annoy (v)
annual (adj)
another (adj)
answer (n & v)
answerphone (n)
antique (adj & n)
anxious (adj)
any (adj & pron)
anybody (pron)
anyhow (adv)
anyone (pron)
anything (pron)
anyway (adv)
anywhere (adv)
apart from (prep)apartment (n)
apologise (v)
apology (n)
appear (v)
appearance (n)
apple (n)
application (n)
apply (v)
appointment (n)
approach (v)
approve (v)
architect (n)
area (n)
argue (v)
arm (n)
armchair (n)
army (n)
around (adv & prep)
arrange (v)
arrest (v)
arrival (n)
arrive (v)
art (n)
article (n)
artist (n)
as (adv & conj)
as well (adv)
as well as (prep)ashamed (adj)
ask (v)
asleep (adj)
aspirin (n)
assistant (n)
at (prep)
at all (prep phr)
at first (prep phr)
at last (prep phr)
at least (prep phr)
at once (prep phr)
at present (prep phr)
at the same time (prep phr)
athlete (n)
athletics (n)
atmosphere (n)
attach (v)
attack (n & v)
attempt (v)
attend (v)
attention (n)
attitude (n)
attract (v)
attraction (n)attractive (adj)
audience (n)
aunt (n)
automatically (adv)
available (adj)
average (adj & n)
avoid (v)
awake (adj)
away (adv)
awful (adj)
baby (n)
back (adv, adj & n)
background (n)
backpack (n)
backwards (prep)
bad (adj)
bag (n)
baggage (n)
bake (v)
balance (n)
balance (v)
balcony (n)
bald (adj)
ball (n)
ballet (n)
balloon (n)
banana (n)
band (n)bandage (n)
bank (n)
bank balance (n)
banknote (n)
bar (n)
barbecue (n & v)
bare (adj)
base on (phr v)
baseball (n)
basement (n)
basic (adj)
basin (n)basket (n)
basketball (n)
bat (n)
bath (n & v)
bathroom (n)
battle (n)
bay (n)
be (v)
beach (n)
bean (n)
bear (n)
beard (n)
beat (v)
beautiful (adj)
because (conj)
because of (prep)
become (v)
bed (n)bedroom (n)
bee (n)
beef (n)
before (prep)
begin (v)
behave (v)
behind (prep)
believe (v)
bell (n)
belong (v)
belongings (n)
below (adv & prep)
belt (n)
bend (n & v)
beneath (adv & prep)
benefit (n & v)
beside (prep)
between (prep)
beyond (prep)
bicycle (n)
big (adj)
bike (n)
bill (n)
• electricity bill
bin (n)
biography (n)
biology (n)
bird (n)...
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