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Absence | A period of time when someone is not where they should be or where they usually are |
Abundance | A very large quantity of something |
Accessible | Easy for anyone to obtain and use |
Accidentally | By chance, as the result of an accident; by mistake instead of deliberate intention |
Acclaim | Public praise for someone or something |
Accommodate | To provide a place orroom for someone to stay in |
Accomplish | To succeed in doing something, especially something that you have been trying to do for a period of time |
Accordion | A musical instrument played by moving the ends of a box in and out while pressing keys and buttons. Someone who plays the accordion is called an accordionist. |
Accumulate | To get more and more of something over a period of time; toincrease in quantity over a period of time |
Achievement | A particular thing that you have achieved; the fact of achieving something |
Acquaintance | Someone you know a little, who is not a close friend; formal knowledge of or experience with a person or subject |
Acquire | Formal to get something, for example by buying it or being given it |
Acquitted | To state officially thatsomeone is not guilty of the crime they were accused of acquit someone of something: He was eventually acquitted of the charges. |
Across | Adverb, preposition  |
Address | The name of the place where you live or work, including the house or office number and the name of the street, area, and town |
Advertisement | A short movie on television or short article on radio that is intended topersuade people to buy something |
Advice | An opinion that someone gives you about the best thing to do in a particular situation. |
Advise | To give your opinion to someone about the best thing to do in a particular situation |
Affect | To change or influence something. If something affects something else, it has an effect on it. |
Alleged | Claimed to be true, even though this hasnot been proved. |
Amateur | Someone who does something because they enjoy it instead of as a job. |
Analysis | A process of studying or examining something in detail in order to understand it or explain it. |
Analyze | To study or examine something in detail in order to understand or explain it. |
Annual | Happening once a year. |
Apartment | A set of rooms for living in,usually on one floor of a large building. |
Apparatus | The machines, tools, and equipment needed for doing something, especially something technical or scientific. |
Apparent | Easy to see or understand |
Appearance | The way that someone or something looks |
Arctic | Extremely cold |
Argument | An angry disagreement between people |
Ascend | To climb a mountain, stairs, etc. |
Atheist| Someone who believes that god does not exist |
Athletic | Physically strong, active, and good at sports |
Attendance | The number of people who are present at an event or in a place such as a school or church |
Auxiliary | Auxiliary equipment or systems are available for use if the main one fails |
Balloon | A large strong bag filled with gas or hot air that can float in the air |Barbecue | A meal at which meat and other food is cooked and eaten outside, often a meal that you invite friends to |
Bargain | Something you buy that costs much less than normal |
Basically | Used for saying that you are talking about the most specific details |
Beggar | Someone who is very poor and lives by asking people for money or food |
Beginning | Present participle of begin; Tostart doing something |
Belief | A strong feeling that something is true or real |
Believe | To think that a fact is true |
Beneficial | Something that is beneficial has a good effect or influence on someone or something |
Benefit | Extra money or other advantages that you get in addition to your salary from your employer as part of your job |
Biscuit | A small round soft bread roll |...
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