Volga region

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Volga Region
Is an historical region of Russia that encompasses the territories adjacent to the flow of Volga River. According to the flow of the river, it is usually classified into the MiddleVolga Region and Lower Volga Region. A less common is term Upper Volga Region, which is not part of what is traditionally thought as Povolzhye.
Another notable distinction is the elevated right bank sidefeaturing the Volga Upland and the left bank side or Trans-Volga Region, Transvolga (Russian: Заволжье, Zavolzhye), which consists of the elevated High Transvolga and the lowland Low Transvolga.Idel-Ural region is also defined within Povolzhye.
In modern Russian Federation, the Volga Region is associated with the Volga Federal District and Volga economic region.
The Volga is often called themain street of Russia. It is one of symbols of the country: «Volga, Thou art our mother», says an ancient Russian song. With its length of 3,530 kilometers, it is the longest river of Europe. Thefirst scientist who described the Volga and put it on the map was the ancient Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century.
The Volga is a great water and tourist way. Starting from a spring onthe marshy Valdai Hills, in the heart of Russia, proceeding through hundreds of lakes, the river carries its waters through the whole central part of the country to the south and runs into the CaspianSea, forming a huge delta of 800 branches and channels. By a system of canals, the Volga is connected with the seas - Baltic, White, Azov - as well as with the largest Russian cities of Moscow and StPetersburg. Travels by steam ships from Moscow to St Petersburg, or in the opposite direction, are very popular with foreigners, as well as shorter ones to the picturesque Volga cities of Yaroslavl',Kostroma, Myshkin and Uglich.
But let us return to the source of the Volga, to the Tver’ region. The place where the river begins was determined precisely, which happens rather seldom, and it was...
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