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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2010
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Survey Report
TV habits and choices

This report was written to analyze a series of facts that correspond to TV habits and choices, which determine some patterns of behavior. Factsshow that watching TV for more than two hours daily causes negative mental, physical and psychological effects.

TV habits and choices in the infancy
Most infants are not well developing theirbrain; as they are loosing their opportunity lo gain knowledge of new mental, physical and social skills; in addition they are not satisfying their developments needs as they are not interacting with theircaregivers. This is shown by the fact that the 70% of babies by the age of 11 months spent almost 75 minutes daily watching television; however, this in not the worst digit, 87% of children agedbetween 12 and 23 months watch programs as “Teletubbies”, that opened a new market in 1990 while they were very few television programs designed for children, for more than 2 hours a day. 3 out of 4 kidsaged two and three are watching more than two hours of television daily. This implies that they are replacing the development of their motor skills and their actively moving, as well as their time toexplore their environment, to make a passive activity that takes away the kids from activities that help to the good development of brain and body.

TV habits and choices in the school age
As ageneral rule, school age children from America are responding to low grades in their study as well as the rate of kids with obesity problems has increase in the last 10 years. These, as a consequence,of the fact that almost the 90% of this population is watching television in a day for an average of 4 hours and a half. Obesity is linked with television because of three mayor events. In first placewatching television is a passive activity that makes kids think that exercising themselves is boring; in second place children tend to eat while they watch their favorite programs; at last, the...
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