Wath is love

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  • Publicado : 8 de mayo de 2011
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Love is… Something that has no face, no body, no anything. You feel it. You can’t question it. You cannot look for love; it has to find you by itself. Unexpectedly, with no help at all. If youseek, you will not find true feelings.
If you have to ask yourself if he’s the one, if you love him, then you don’t. Love is something that hits you like a sack— it binds you, constricts you, turnsyour insides. It makes you cold, it makes you smile. It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, like nothing can hurt you. That as long as the person you love is standing besides you, youare invincible.
Love is painful… Falling out of love is the worst. Love is the best thing that can ever happen to a person. Love isn’t to be feared. Love is something that, if you fear it, it willnot get any better easier. Love is not something that is to be taken lightly.
Love conquers fear. It destroys buildings and boundaries set by people who don’t believe as strongly as you do. Lovedefies race, defies the laws of nature, defies everything humanity has ever stood for. Love starts wars, ends wars, ends lives, begins lives, brings joy, brings sorrow, brings everything that anybodyhas ever felt. Love is why people write music. Love is what makes things beautiful. Love is what I feel right now as I’m writing this.
Love is warm. It’s like a syrup that sits heavy in yourstomach and doesn’t leave with the rest of the feelings out your mental digestive system. Love is so warm and comforting, that it should be mentioned twice. Love can’t be brought by words. You can’tmake it appear out of no where. Love starts in the soul and branches out into the body.
Love and lust are easily confused. Love is everything lust is not. Love is pure. Lust is angry. Love isgentle. Lust is hard to get around. Love is everything. Lust is what destroys that everything. Love should be there from the start. Lust keeps people who don’t belong together together, simply...
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