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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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What is WebGPSS?

WebGPSS is the most modern version of GPSS, available both on the Web, and as a stand-alone version for Windows on a CD. WebGPSS is a stream-lined version of GPSS, the GeneralPurpose Simulation System. WebGPSS is intended to be the starting point in learning simulation. It has been used thus at many colleges and universities in Northern Europe and also in some universities inthe US, at both business and engineering schools, and also in self-studies in over 60 other countries.

WebGPSS is regarded to have several advantages.

One first constructs a block diagramby choosing building blocks from a symbol menu by the point-and-click method. For each block symbol in this block diagram, one can then open a dialog for inputting the operands of the block. Thedialog reveals the main syntax of the block operands. The text program developed in this way on the client computer is then sent to a server to be executed by GPSS.EXE, the simulation engine used byWebGPSS. The output files are then sent back to the client and presented in tables, histograms and graphs.

WebGPSS was first developed in Java to be run over the Web. Later a stand-alone system on a CDwas developed. Due to changes in Java, the present web-based system is obsolete and will cause problem when running on a computer with the latest Java version. Work is now in progress on a new WebGPSSbased on the latest Java version, but this will not be available before the end of 2009. In the meantime, the use of the stand-alone WebGPSS system is recommended. You can here free of charge downloada demo version (limited to 50 blocks and 500 transactions) of this.

Download demo version of WebGPSS.

There are several larger versions of WebGPSS on sale, starting at the price of $40.00. Youcan read more information about this here.

For the start of learning WebGPSS we recommend the paper WebGPSS: The First Two Hours of Simulation Education.

For continued studies of WebGPSS, we...
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