What is art?

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What is Art?

The term art depends on what point we see it, and some may exhibit their art in some way, others will see another verydifferent but in the end, everything is art, any creation of human being simpler than this is, is a art.

So let's talk about writing abook, creating a mural, making a song, or poem, or writing all this where humans can express from the depths of his feelings and thoughts, allthese ideas that the mind is responsible for creating every moment, and we are responsible for taking all these ideas, leaving them reflectedthat the world may know.

We can not rely only on what a definition than a dictionary can show, as this one that simply said that it isa technicall skill that learning comes from a certain activity, but we must also consider all the features that this involves.

The art wecan see reflected in activities such as literary contexts, visual or musical, as it were, some staging, but art is still more has to beall that talent or skill required to perform all these different activities, that art also involves the people in charge of making us see andfeel all these different expressions, and also involves people receiving the art.

Art is a concept that every person can define it as youwant, and it has to be respected for what to me is art, no person may be, and back the same way, but in the end it will always be art.
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