What is csr

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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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What is CSR

The concept of CSR became common in the 70s, indeed it was in this year than the ecologic, social, demographic problem was really know, and the first big multinational born.Corporate social responsibility or CSR, is a concept which mix the company profit interest, and social, environmental and ethic interest. CSR became essential in the last year for the company which wanted toimplant itself on developing country, furthermore if the activities of the company have a bad connotation (mass industry, chemistry, or all the thing than affect in bad way the area where there areimplanted). According to Philip Sherk (2009) “the problems of business ethics in capitalism have become increasingly important. Consequently, business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)have developed into highly debated and well-researched topics”.
CSR is a very large concept, indeed each company, can have his own CSR because they have to made something in relation between their ownbusiness and the social and geographic environment.
For example if a petrol company go in a third world country, they can help for the road construction, because these types of construction need,pure petrol.
According with Mickael Hopkins CSR “will both improve the financial bottom line and help to resolve the problem of under development poverty”
He explains than:
- A company’s reputationimproves as the moment the CSR is a concrete and true fact in the way of help and develop.
- The finance improves as the same time socially responsible investment (SRI) improve.
- Persons areattracting to become employees of a company with a big CSR, and this persons are most of time good employees.
- The intellectual capital are helped by a positive CSR
- The relation with the host governmentwill be improving as the CSR is positive. This is very important if the society has difficulty in the future, and it create a competitive advantage.
- Have a good CSR can help to have a good image...
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