What is the purpose of art

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What is the purpose of Art?
Art is created and enjoyed by many people for many reasons. However, one of the things that art does is extend and expand our shared common visual language. When newvisual ideas are first introduced by the artist, they are often seen as shocking, and perhaps even as incomprehensible. However, with time the best and most effective of these ideas are accepted. Also artis an expression of our soul. What we want to express is a piece of our experience in life, our happiness, and our fears. When a painter mixes a good technique of the brush and real feelings in hiswork, this can become a master piece. There have been many purposes and reasons to paint through the history:
* As a vehicle for religious ritual.
* Commemoration of an important event.
*Propaganda or social commentary.

Betsabé with David’s Letter

Rembrandt was a Dutch painter and etcher. He is generally considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European arthistory and the most important in Dutch history.
This painting represents the scene told in the second book of Samuel, where it is said that King David saw the beautiful Betsabé naked before go tobed. Urias King invited her to his house and made ​​her pregnant. Urias died shortly after the war and David decided to take Betsabé as a wife. The painting shows the moment when Betsabé receives a lettercontaining an invitation from the king and must obey.
In this painting we can see the main features of Rembrandt. Contrasted lighting gets a great effect and a magical light illuminates the room andthe figure of Betsabé, combining exceptionally background shade and clarity. This great artist shows us Betsabé’s face with the expression of drama that asks the scene. She has to go unwillingly to obeythe king.

The Philosopher in Meditation

In this painting we can see the technique used in many other paintings of Rembrandt. The light in the middle of the shadows create a beautiful and...
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