When i was a child

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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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Assignment # 3
Instructions: Narrate an event in your life that is connected to your childhood. Refer tothe time, place and people involved in it. It could be an amusing, entertaining, engaging, or funny memory. What made it unforgettable? Why do you remember that event? Whowere the people that were with you at the moment? How did you feel and how important was it for you?

When I was a child in the age of seven or eight . I loved to playedsoccer with my friends in the square behind my house,we used to play in the afternoon, we were six friends so we formed teams of three players , usually I liked to play as agoalkeeper because I had an older friend that teached me how to be a goalkeeper...I loved to wear a red baseball cap because a famous goalkeeper has one too.Sometimes I changedmy position because i liked to made goals too. We always played in the square and we played only for fun not for prices or something like that, played as a goalkepper was alittle bit hard to do because you had to jump to catch the ball,and when you do it you fell down and hurt yourself but this thing had is price that was the joy of avoid thatthe other team score!It was so great and made me felt like a football star!I felt like I was able to do anything I want, I hated to lose, furtunately that thing wasn`t socommon.
All this joy ends when I had to get back home and get back to the real world too, because I knew that there was my mum waiting for me, to send me to take ashower...Well I toke the shower anyway, but I Knew that the next day I had to play in the square as always and felt like a football star again in my own world...my world of child...
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