Who are germans?

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Who are germans?

Maybe you could ask Mr. Guttenberg because he doesn’t make errors, he’s perfect.

Germans are a little puntual, they get angry if you are 0.01 seconds late or if a bus or atrain arrives later. The funny thing is that the trains in Germany are ocassionally late because the drivers are too lazy or there are strikes. However the germans love their trains (D-Bahn) and areproud of them.

The germans drive as fast as a grandmother who drives Formula One cars on the famous “Autobahn” or non-speed-limit highways. Most germans own a “Volkswagen” , BMW , Audi , or Porschebecause the german cars aren’t good and they’re extrem cheap.

Some people thinks that germans are arrogant but it isn’t soo, maybe they are just proud of their technology invents or whatever. Theytry to do all perfect (not like the japans but they try it).

The weather is a bit colder than in the Caribbean but it isn’t wonderful like in England.

They eat “Sauerkraut” or sausages, andwhen there are no sausages or “Sauerkraut” , then they eat potatoes or green col. They drink beer of all types, I would say Germany is alos the “beerland” due to the big party that they celebrate onoctober: “Oktoberfest” where the principal attraction is to drink beer. A lot of people of all the world attend tho this party.

The image about Germany is unfortunately always about Bavarian. I as aforeing thought that all germans were dressing “lederhosen” with a bavarian hat who drink a lot of bier all the days. Nevertheless it isn’t so e.g. in Ostfrisland things are a little bit different asin other germany places or regions in Germany.

Here in Ostfriesland (Lower Saxony) there are a lot of cows, pigs and sheeps who unfortunately will be converted into toxic meat which the peoplebuys. Here is also normal to drink a lot of tea like in England.

In Germany there a lot of football soccer fans and handball too. One of the world’s best known are Bayern München or HSV.

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