Why is doing sports good for you?

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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2012
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Why is doing sports good for you?

Many of you have already heard the cliché recommendation from everyone to do sports, to be active and all those overused phrases. But, why do they tell you that?Which are the reasons behind those repeated recommendations?
For all I know, doing sports is a well-known hobby for many people of any age: soccer, baseball, golf, volleyball, swimming, kickball,baseball, or even playing chess. There are sports for any type of person. Besides the entertainment they obviously provide, they keep your body in a good state. When you are young you recover easilyfrom injuries and everything in your body works just right, fast and efficiently. But after a while, when you age, your body isn’t the same as it was. Your body grows weak, slower, dysfunctional andneeds help from you. There’s where sports come in. If you complement sports with a good diet, your body will have the energy it needs.

Sports provide a funnier way to exercise and keep your heart,body systems and bones in good conditions. Sporting releases endorphins in the brain that can produce a calm and peaceful feeling, it can help for a healthy sleep, stimulates the mind, it teachescooperation and team work, burns fat, provides muscle tone, reduces chance of diabetes and breast cancer and helps people you age well and in the healthiest way possible.

Young folks, old folks andmost of the world’s folks don’t appreciate sports as they should. Especially the young ones, that feel like the kings of the world and who knows what else. They don’t see the damage they might becausing on their body. Those technologies and stuff they have drink their bodies and souls and erases the good habits youngsters should have.

Exercising is good, sports and better, and sports in teamsare best. Don’t stay there on the computer or watching television on the sofa while scratching your belly and eating all that you find on your way, do sports, do it for your body, because it...
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