Why is it hard? (porque es tan difucil?)

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Why is it hard?
Can students in Middle school really learn how to speak a foreign language? With only 40 minute classes and teachers that can barely speak English with traditional ways of teaching and even worst unmotivated students that the only thing they want to do is skip English class.
There are many difficulties and obstacles for teaching and learning a new language. Can students getout of middle school with a good English level? Or at least have an idea of what the language is, if we have trouble learning and perfectioning our own native language. Now imagine how hard it is for teenagers in middle school to learn a completely new language.
On this pages we are going to analyze and discuss what could be the main cause that is causing the students in middle school not tolike the English language and why they are not learning it. Who is responsible for the learning of the middle school students, what are the challenges for teachers to teach a foreign language in middle school level.
By this point in my career I’ve done many observations in different school and also different modalities, I have also been in urban schools and rural, talked to many students andasked them questions and some say the teacher is borring we always do the same, plus the teacher looks like he doesn’t even know what his talking about. Its obvious that every mind is a different world, well that is how difficult teaching is, every student has different necessities in the classroom and out side, the other thing that is really important is their pace of learning is different . It’salso hard for teachers specially when 4 out of 5 students think English is useless and don’t like it, some of the reasons they think that way, can be changed by us teachers but what can we do for the ones that can’t be?
In my little experience as a teacher and few classes given I can tell that in most cases when it comes to speaking a foreign language in this case English it gets very complexand that is because people are so use to speaking their own native language, and to be frank there are people that have trouble with their own language. That’s why I think the younger you are the better it is to learn a foreign language, because your tongue is not so accustomed and still can manipulated to the way another language sounds.
In some of my classes my students and I, practicevocabulary and pronunciation and for some of the kids trying to repeat what I am saying is very difficult it dosent matter, if I go step by step, try to break up the words and give them little clues on how to move their lips and tounge to make it sound vas good as possible, they still don’t get it and to tell you one thing when I try to do thing and I cant get them right it gets really frustrating and Ijust want to quit. Now imagine for teenager that the only thing they think of is having fun.
The second thing where I see that the student have trouble is on the reading. The reason why I say this is because I have told the told the student to read for me and they struggle a lot, not because they read slow but because they don’t know how each letter sounds, we can blame them for that. We arevery lucky in the fact that in Spanish the letters don’t change and are read exactly as we see them on paper on the other hand in English is very hard to read especially when you are a beginner. There are so many rules for vowels and consonant on how they sound if there are two consonants together its sound one way but, if there is a vowel in front of it sounds totally different for example theletter “P” if you but an “H” in front of it makes an “F” sound like the word “Telephone”,that’s why I think reading is complicated. Because like that word there are thousands.
To fix this problem think you just have to go over some rules and get used to them, start reading more, listen to other people as they read, and I think with time you will learn more until you get familiar with it.
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