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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2011
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Why is it, that one of the most closed and enigmatic countries in the world, is also one of the most defamed? The topic that I would like to cover on this essay is about the socialist state of NorthKorea, why is it that the media write so many propagandistic articles on that country, and finally, what of the things that are said and written by the western media are true and which are false?
TheDemocratic People´s Republic of Korea is surely an unknown country and one of the most old the world has ever had. The Korean culture is 5000 years old, and it is so closed on itself, so respectfulto it´s ancient traditions, that people educated in western culture cannot understand it.
During the Korean war the country was split in half, north and south, by an imaginary line called parallel38.
Since 1953, it has been a socialist state; one of the two that remain in the world, along with Cuba it has been heavily punished, since the debacle of the eastern bloc, led by the Soviet Union.Also, just as it´s Caribbean counterpart, the DPRK has been a victim a cruel embargo by the United States of America.
In order for us to understand the Korean people and government, we must firstunderstand that the Korean culture has a very special point of view towards the father-like figure.
In Korea, there is the utter most respect towards the father of the family, and they see their presidentand leaders, as their fathers, an so they have a total respect for them.
The first president the DPRK had, was Kim Il Sung, a man who had fought off the American invaders on the liberation war. Andso, under Kim Il Sung´s command, North Korea industrialized itself and became a prosper socialist state.
And so, when Kim Il Sung died, even the smallest of kids, and the oldest of man cried, as a sonwould cry for a father.
His son, Kim Jong Il was elected president, and he was been Korea´s leader since the 90´s.
Now, many propagandistic media call the DPRK a totalitarian dictatorship, and...
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