Why should be in the ecology club

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  • Publicado : 8 de diciembre de 2011
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Rodrigo S.

Ecology Club
I want to join the ecology club, obviously that is why I am writing this essay. Honestly I want the world to become a better place, and as many good things there arein the world there are also bad things. I want to protect and preserve the environment. Whatever it is I can do for the environment I want to do it. Whether it is something as small as recycling orrescuing turtles and crabs because I know that the little things sometimes count for more than the big. If only everyone did a bunch of little things to make the environment a cleaner and safer place achange could really be made for the world. I also want to be in the club because I know it is the right thing to do, we have to give back to the earth. I would make a great addition to this clubbecause I am hardworking, giving, and I want to make a change for the best.
I am a hardworking person. If someone asks me to do something I will do it the best I can. People can count on me to get my workdone too, so when an event is on the way I will be there. I will try my best to go to all the events and get other people to come too. I want to be able to influence other people to help the world sothat more can be done faster. The more people that want to change, the more can be done. For the ecology club I also want to provide ideas and do more activities, even things as simple as beach cleanups. It would be great for us to try and make as many events as possible and include everyone.
Being a giving person is important. Today it seems like most people are selfish and are too busy tohelp with the world. I want to help. I want to give back to the Earth because it is what keeps me living. I think we need a better recycling program at the school, if we even have one it is terrible. Irecycle in my house because it is really 
important and honestly it is really simple. It doesnʼt take any extra time so I donʼt
understand why everyone doesnʼt do it. Besides implementing a better...
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