Why we bother with life?

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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When I hear somebody say “life is hard” I am always tempted to ask “compared to what?” – Sydney J. Harris
Don’t you think that sometimes people are always botheringabout any problem they have? Or also they bother with someone else problems. A perfect example of this fact is ourselves. When we have a problem we usually getstressed because something goes wrong or we don´t have what we want.
People are used to have many ambitions and they suffer when they can´t accomplish them. They prefercaring about the future instead enjoying the present. I am not saying that having a dream is a bad thing but worrying about it is not happiness. You need to like what youdo, it doesn’t mind if it doesn’t work. Everything in this life has a reason.
When you feel like everything is getting wrong and that the world is falling down, youcan do a little exercise; compare yourself with people that doesn’t have as much as you do, people that that could be in a worse situation. You will see that you are alucky person that has a lot.
I can promise that after this you will feel better and you must reach some peace so the stress will disappear for a moment, but also youcan manage this exercise so this feeling can stay for a long time.
If you decide to continue living in this stressful way, seeing the wrong side on everything thathappens to you, you will not enjoy your life and live to the fullest. Instead of learning about bad situations and doing something to make them better you will not behappy forever.
So from now on you can start living without thinking of what you don’t have and enjoy what you have because you never know how longer you will have it.