William shakespeare

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William Shakespeare was born in the year of 1564 had seven brothers and their parents were john Shakespeare and Mary arden.In 1582 he marries Anne Hathaway and had three children. He had toleave Stratford already that surprise you poached in the properties of the justice of the peace of the city. Venus and Adonis, and the violation of Lucretius, gave him the reputation ofbrilliant poet. In 1602 had already achieved a remarkable success as a playwright and theater actor. The early works of William Shakespeare were dramas that have background civil strife in 15thcentury England. The publication of the poems "the rape of Lucretius" and "Venus and Adonis” gave William Shakespeare's great reputation as a brilliant Renaissance poet. in the year of 1593 hereleased the comedy of errors and joined the company of lord Chamberlain, who in 1603 received Royal protection as The King's Majesty’s Servants as author. While he is not known with accuracy thedate of composition of many of his texts, his literary career is usually divided into four approximate stages, whose dates are based on the author extracted the themes of his writings fromChronicles of his time. The first stage, from 1590 to 1594, is composed of historical pieces that, contrary to what happened with their texts of maturity, possessed a high degree of formalityand, often, were somewhat predictable and mannered, and light comedies. The second stage is up to 1600, is characterized by lyrical encouragement and the deepening of the historical profile ofits characters and its significance, this

stage is "Romeo and Juliet". In the third, which begins in 1608, appear the tragedies and more complex writings, such as Hamlet. Shakespearepublished in life just 16 of the writings attributed to him. In 1613, Shakespeare stopped writing and retired to his hometown. He died on 23 April 1616 and was buried in the Church of Stratford.
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