Winter in colombia

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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2012
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There are several interrelated factors for the winter season is devastating in Colombia.

The main problem is related to poor measures taken by the Colombian government,because from the first rainy season was a forecast of all actions should be done so that this phenomenon does not affect abruptly returned to the country, but as the government agencies like the RegionalAutonomous Corporation (CAR) and humanitarian Colombia have the financial resources necessary for, or have invested in damage in the previous rainy season, causing the closure of roads due tolandslides flooding of land and even whole villages have ta.
Still another factor is that many families invade or live in areas that are conducive to landslides and flooding since they are under the skirts ofthe mountains or live in areas that were occupied spaces by the flow of the rivers, making it more easy floods, when the rainy season the rivers grow back and recover the zones that went, or becausethe rivers will grow up out of their flow and not having an infrastructure that prevents its overflow raze everything this in its path. 
Likewise another major concern is that heavy rains have leftthousands homeless and left dead and even ghost towns, which are due to all the bad desicion taken by the government and people, not bound by the levels of prevention must be taken in this rainyseason.
Last but not least is that during the winter, all Colombian economy is affected. as it affects agriculture l winter crops making many vegetables are lost and so prices rise, affecting the basketand the pocket of the Colombians.
In conclusion the rainy season continues and will be devastating if not taken the necessary measures, increase prevention campaigns, allocating resources to improveinfrastructure and the relocation of families living on the slopes of the rivers, generally we must invest, organizing and managing and especially working with the environment.

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