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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Summarize Chapter 11-15
11. The Wonderful City of Oz
The Wonderful city of Oz was so brilliant that Dorothy and her friend was dazzled. Every single thing in that city was green and has emeralds, the houses, the streets, the flowers, the things there sold, the people was dress with green clothes and the sky was also green, the rays of the sun also.
They werewalking around the street of the city guided by the Guardian of the gates, the people looked weird to the travelers, well to Dorothy and the asked themselves why she was with the lion and those storage persons. The child was scared about the lion and they run with them moms.
The Guardian of the Gates took them to the entrance of the palace and there was another Guardian, they told him that theywanted to see the Wizard of Oz. They passed to a room with everything green and with emeralds, the carpet and the furniture. The Guardian come back and he told to them that the Wizard could see them but each per day; they would stay in rooms for the palace so they could rest in the night. There came a little green girl, she showed Dorothy her room, it was a very nice little green room, she liked it alot; therefore, the girl took the lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman to his room.
The next morning, after the breakfast, the girl gave to Dorothy a green dress, so she could wear it and also she tie a green ribbon in Toto’s neck. Then Dorothy and her friends come to a big room, there was a lot of people that wanted see the Wizard, one of them asked Dorothy if she would see the Wizard, shesaid maybe if he would see me, and other said that the Wizard accepted see her because he was interested in why she has the silver shoes.
A bell rang, and Dorothy has to go inside to see the Wizard, the room was all green in the roof and the walls were a lot of big emeralds. In the throne was a big head with no body, it said that he was the Wizard, he asked Dorothy where did she got the silvershoes and she told him that her house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East and killed her. Dorothy told him what she wanted and he answered that he would help her if she killed the Wicked Witch of the West, she was disappointed about it.
Next morning, the Scarecrow went to see the Wizard, but he was in a form of a nice and beautiful lady, he told her what he want and she also answered that heshould killed the Witch. Then was Tin Woodman turn, the Wizard looked like a horrible Beast, and the Woodman told the Beast what he want and it answered that he would help Dorothy to killed the Witch. The last was the Lion, the Wizard looked like a fire ball, and the answer was the same.
The last thing they have to do was think about what they had to do, to killed the Witch.

12. The Search forthe Wicked Witch
The soldiers let them go inside the streets of Emerald city, they wanted see the Guardian of the Gate, when they saw them, they asked how to go where the Witch lived, the Guardians told them that was hard and no one could go, but how Dorothy killed the other Wicked Witch they could go. The Guardian told that they should kept West, where the sun sets.
So they thanked the guardianand continued them way, they walked and walked, the green of the Dorothy’s dress and the ribbon of Toto disappear, the Emerald city was now far of them.
The Wicked Witch of the West has only one eye, but she could see everything, no matter how far was it, so she saw Dorothy asleep and she was so angry about the travelers in her country. The Witch blow silver whistle and she send wolves whereDorothy was, but the Tin Wood man killed them, hitting the wolves with his axe. The next morning, Dorothy wake up and she saw the wolves but the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow lied to her about what happened last night.
The Witch saw upon the door of her castle with her eye, she saw her wolves died, so she got angrier, and she blow her silver whistle again. A lot of wild crows came around her and...
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