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A wireless local area network (WLAN) links two or more devices using some wireless distribution method (typically spread-spectrum or OFDM radio), and usually providing a connection through an accesspoint to the wider internet. This gives users the mobility to move around within a local coverage area and still be connected to the network.
Wireless LANs have become popular in the home due to easeof installation, and the increasing to offer wireless access to their customers; often for free. Large wireless network projects are being put up in many major cities: New York City, for instance,has begun a pilot program to provide city workers in all five boroughs of the city with wireless Internet access.
Norman Abramson, a professor at the University of Hawaii, developed the world’s firstwireless computer communication network, ALOHA net, using low-cost ham-like radios. The system included seven computers deployed over four islands to communicate with the central computer on the OahuIsland without using phone lines.
Types of wireless LANs

Peer-to-Peer or ad-hoc wireless LAN
An ad-hoc network is a network where stations communicate only peer to peer (P2P). There is no baseand no one gives permission to talk. This is accomplished using the Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS).
A peer-to-peer (P2P) network allows wireless devices to directly communicate with each other.Wireless devices within range of each other can discover and communicate directly without involving central access points. This method is typically used by two computers so that they can connect toeach other to form a network.
A bridge can be used to connect networks, typically of different types. A wireless Ethernet bridge allows the connection of devices on a wired Ethernet network to awireless network. The bridge acts as the connection point to the Wireless LAN.
Wireless distribution system
(Main article Wireless Distribution System)
A Wireless Distribution System is a system...
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