Woman in india

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Woman in India suffering gender discrimination.
There are woman in India that are being affected by gender unfairness. Gender discrimination is a world wild problem, but is seen more in India morespecific in the community of Guijars in the heart of India. In Guijars is more found because is almost intact their antiques cultural values. It is bizarre since we were created equally to make abalance. A woman and a man should work together, and live in harmony to rule the world.
Discrimination is a truly know word especially in this century, but this time is more seen in reverse because nowwe are fitting to ended with all discrimination. However, gender discrimination is a very serious matter. Gender referring about a woman and man in this case the woman is the one suffering inequity.This issue is found all around the world is really popular but is more establish in many places of Latinamerica, Asia and Africa.
In India there’s kind that of a set of laws that are name the Mani’slaws (law in India not so much just now) that gives us a perfect example of their values and a little pick to their antique culture. For example, one of their laws said that woman be supposed to neverhave independency. Another example should be that it also stand for that woman must always be in possession of a man and that if this man gets tired of this woman he can change her or get another one.In Guijars (community in India) most of these ideas of behavior to woman are alive and very strong. In Guijars they still offer their daughters marriage to pay any dept of the family on this factstart even when the little girl is a baby, so they don’t even know way their are forts to marriage somebody, a stranger per haves.
Ignorance is not the solution of it because not every woman in India isliving this unfairness, there are woman that are doctors, astronauts, etc…It is just that their poorness is so that they choose the easy way to get out and get healthier and that’s a benefic that...
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