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  • Publicado : 15 de septiembre de 2010
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Marjorie Hernández



• Would you follow the economic and political recipes Latin American intellectuals & politicians offer for our development? Why or why not?Poverty: everybody is trying to fix this problem. Everybody is giving solutions to fix it. Some ‘intellectuals’ say to choose the right side; others say to choose the left (communism). But, are thesechoices the correct ones? How do we know that choosing right or left is going to be the best choice? When is this dichotomy going to stop? What we all already know is that any choice we make is going toaffect a whole nation.

Some intellectuals say that the solution is having a big government, others say that capitalism, and others say that a country controlled by the government is the curefor this problem. The problem with a big government is that it gives politicians more power. When there is more power, there is more corruption. This leads us that if the bigger the government, themore are the salaries that have to be paid. And there’s where the money disappears. The problem with Capitalism is about differences of social classes. Many rich people will become more powerful thanbefore. Not everybody will be grateful with it, because it will only benefit a few people. And the most problematic: communism. The problem with communism is that private property wouldn’t exist, andevery person will be poor. Also foreign industries and companies wouldn’t like to invest in our country because everything will be possessed by the government.

I wouldn’t choose to follow allthe recipes completely. I would create my own ideology. My own system would be a balanced combination of what these intellectuals say. I would follow the part in which government play the role onessential tasks such as: national sovereignty, preserve public order, administer justice, and to protect the poorest sectors of the population. But I wouldn’t let the government to intervene in tasks...
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