Xilitla pools

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  • Publicado : 10 de enero de 2012
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Xilitla pools
A house that has wings and sings at night
There is a garden in Mexico hidden in the lush jungles of the Sierra Madre Oriental. A place out of the surreal mind of an eccentriccharacter and unique one day, decided to realize their delirious chimeras raised, palm trees, moss and waterfalls, one of the most unusual places you can find on our planet.

To tell you a little historyof this place, I draw the text written by Natalia Tubau in his book "Architecture Guide unusual" must-read book for all lovers of these amazing places.
Who could imagine that in his delirium, a Britisharchitectural end up a mysterious city in the middle of the Mexican jungle?
The complex built by Edward James (1907-1984) seems a relic of an ancient civilization, but it is not. Xilitla pool orHouse of English, is named after the pools are natural terrain are the result of an aristocratic whim surreal fantasy with nearly as much as money.
The complex seems born of the realization of the oldengravings of Piranesi, previously passed through the paintings of Escher, pre-Columbian architecture and a dash of orientalism. A kind of eerie and deserted garden that emerges in the lush jungleenvironment of San Luis de Potosi. It consists of buildings that resemble strange mysterious ruins and intricate, like the remains of a mysterious lost civilization.
James, patron of the arts (Dali,Picasso, Man Ray, Leonora Carrington, Magritte and Stravinsky were among the artists who financed for years) and probably illegitimate grandson of Edward VII, discovered the place and conceived theproject while on vacation in the jungle mexicana. The next step was to acquire 30 hectares of land, a former coffee plantation, and spend more than two decades to realize his dream hallucination. In hisown words: "I built the shrine to be inhabited by my ideas and fantasies."
Rose columns that do not support anything, stairs that lead nowhere, doors that are closed or open air, and stone carvings...
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