Yo y mi vida

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Teacher: Ok. Guys, this is the class for today, remember that is the final work for Tuesday and Tuesday is in 2 days so you better hurry up. Don’t forget to choose your partner.Tania: Oh My Fucking God! I have not done anything and I don’t have yet co-worker.
Eric: I heard that Sared still has no co-worker
Tania: Really? I believe that we do not get along
Eric: There Isalways a first time.
Tania: Ok!
Tania: ammm Hello!
Sared: Hello!
Tania: ammm I…
Sared: you?
Tania: I was wondering if you would like to be my co-worker

Sared: Yes, why not!
Tania: ok.Today?
Sared: In your house or in my house?
Tania: Where you want.
Sared: Ok, in your house.
Tania: Ok, at 5 in the cafeteria, from there we go to my house.
Sared: nice.
Tania: Ok, at 5!

At 5 inthe cafeteria.
Tania: Hi!
Sared: Hi! Am late?
Tania: no, ok. Let´s go to my house.
In the bus.
Sared: Who lives with you?
Tania: My father and my brothers, my dad works in the police is acommander, and my brothers study. My brother Eric and Edgar are so outgoing and Max is shy.
In Tania’s house.
Tania: Dad, I am in house!
Here you can put your backpack
Sared: Tanks
Edgar: Hello!Tania: oh Dad! She is my co-worker Sared!

Edgar: Hello, nice to meet you.
Sared: Hello, Mr. Ramirez.
Tania: oh! And they are my brothers Eric and Max.
Eric: I know her, at the party remember?Max: oh really, I remember1
Sared: Me? Really?
Eric & Max: Yes you!
Sared: oh yeah! You are the guys who lent money to my friend.
Tania: Really?
Eric: Yes!
Tania: How often do you go to theseparties?
Sared: Well sometimes, I go to these parties when they sound good.
Max: of course!
Tania: oh! And he is my brother Edgar.
She is my co-worker Sared.
Edgar: Hello!
Eric: is the girlof the party, remember?
Edgar: Really?
Sared: yes, hi!
Tania: The world is very small!
All: Yes!
Sared: Where are you studying?
Max: Well, I´m studying accounting, is very funny, because I...
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