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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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oked at the picture in the video you MAYBE see over *dream evil* the words *in the night* and thats MAYBE also the name of the album... you're excused when you're blind but i doubt that...888Sebi888 hace 3 meses

whats the name of the album?
Jusibar hace 3 meses

@ronikinglll woh i don't remember writing what i wrote wtf did i get jack black from
ronikinglll hace 4meses

I love this song,
001Starkiller hace 4 meses

@ronikinglll Speak for yourself, I quite enjoy Dream Evils music
TheBackfiringVirus hace 5 meses

@ronikinglll ihope your not incinuating that all bands with fantasy or dark age themes are stupid and souless
CradleOfBodom17 hace 5 meses

This song is ok. so far the others ive listened to arent.Except for "The Chosen Ones" that was pretty rad and why i looked into this band. But FLAW is still king.
ComocosonoEWL hace 8 meses

\m/ Dream Evil one of the best metal bands ever \m/F4nt4syFr34k hace 10 meses

Good music, For Ever Dream Evil !!!
UltraDestart hace 1 año 2

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