A callarse

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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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Long ago, there was a young man who lived in a crowded and busy city. During his short journey in life he experienced many hardships such as poverty, abandonment, depression, loneliness, and trauma;a life that, in his opinion, was worth nothing to him or to anyone. In the midst of the hustle and bustle he slowly walked the streets imagining the contents of a better life. After fighting his waythrough crowds of people, who never looked up at anything more than their own shoes and furthermore, never thought about anything more than themselves, he took the elevator to his small office in atall building near the edge of the city. He looked out the window and saw the beautiful early spring countryside filled with forests and trees. He continued to look further until at the edge of thehorizon he saw a small knoll with soft green grass, and a view of the world unlike that of any other he had ever seen.
“I wish I were a tree that lived on that hill,” he whispered to himself as he enviedthe plot of land. “I would then be free from all of life’s hardships, I would be at peace with my better life and would worry about nothing more.”
Thus that night he went to that same spot he sawfrom so far away and fell asleep dreaming about how wonderful his new life would be. The very next morning by some magical wonder he, himself, woke with his roots sunk deep into the earth, his skin hadhardened into a beautiful bark, and his hair transformed into the finest green leaves he had ever seen on a tree. And for a moment, the young man, now a tree, was at peace with himself. The season hadpresented itself as cool, breezy, and carefree so much so that he enjoyed every second of the outdoors and almost forgot the troubles of his past life.
Summer, however, began to approach and theweather began to change. The air became humid and sticky, while the sun scorched the earth below. The grassy knoll that was green in spring now began to turn a light brown from thirst except for the...
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