A list of fallacious arguments

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A List Of Fallacious Arguments
"The jawbone of an ass is just as dangerous a weapon today as in Sampson's time." --- Richard Nixon

Several of these have names in Latin, but I mostly ignored that and used English. If anyone is bothered by my using "he" everywhere, note that "he" is the person arguing fallaciously.
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Ad Hominem (Argument To The Man) Affirming The Consequent Amazing Familiarity Ambiguous Assertion Appeal To Anonymous Authority Appeal To Authority Appeal To Coincidence Appeal To Complexity Appeal To False Authority Appeal To Force Appeal To Pity (Appeal to Sympathy, The Galileo Argument) Appeal To Widespread Belief (Bandwagon Argument, PeerPressure, Appeal To Common Practice) Argument By Dismissal Argument By Emotive Language (Appeal To The People) Argument By Fast Talking Argument By Generalization Argument By Gibberish (Bafflement) Argument By Half Truth (Suppressed Evidence) Argument By Laziness (Argument By Uninformed Opinion) Argument By Personal Charm Argument By Pigheadedness (Doggedness) Argument By Poetic Language Argument ByPrestigious Jargon Argument By Question Argument By Repetition (Argument Ad Nauseam) Argument by Rhetorical Question Argument By Scenario Argument By Selective Observation Argument By Selective Reading Argument By Slogan Argument By Vehemence Argument From Adverse Consequences (Appeal To Fear, Scare Tactics) Argument From Age (Wisdom of the Ancients) Argument From Authority Argument From FalseAuthority Argument From Small Numbers Argument From Spurious Similarity Argument Of The Beard Argument To The Future Bad Analogy Begging The Question (Assuming The Answer, Tautology) Burden Of Proof Causal Reductionism (Complex Cause) Changing The Subject (Digression, Red Herring, Misdirection, False Emphasis) Cliche Thinking Common Sense Complex Question (Tying) Confusing Correlation And CausationDisproof By Fallacy Equivocation Error Of Fact Euphemism Exception That Proves The Rule Excluded Middle (False Dichotomy, Faulty Dilemma, Bifurcation) Extended Analogy Failure To State Fallacy Of Composition Fallacy Of Division Fallacy Of The General Rule Fallacy Of The Crucial Experiment False Cause False Compromise Genetic Fallacy (Fallacy of Origins, Fallacy of Virtue)

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Having Your Cake (Failure To Assert, or Diminished Claim) Hypothesis Contrary To Fact Inconsistency Inflation Of Conflict Internal Contradiction Least Plausible Hypothesis Lies Meaningless Questions Misunderstanding The Nature Of Statistics (Innumeracy) Moving The Goalposts (Raising The Bar, Argument By Demanding Impossible Perfection) Needling Non Sequitur NotInvented Here Outdated Information Pious Fraud Poisoning The Wells Psychogenetic Fallacy Reductio Ad Absurdum Reductive Fallacy (Oversimplification) Reifying Short Term Versus Long Term Slippery Slope Fallacy (Camel's Nose) Special Pleading (Stacking The Deck) Statement Of Conversion Stolen Concept Straw Man (Fallacy Of Extension) Two Wrongs Make A Right (Tu Quoque, You Too) Weasel Wording

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Critical thinking vs. Specious arguments The Nizkor Project Propaganda Techniques Related to Environmental Scares Logical Fallacies Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum Project The Atheism Web: Logic & Fallacies South Shore Skeptics Introductory Logic Elementary Logic Practical skepticism Bruce Thompson's Fallacy Page Critical Thinking On TheWeb Conversational Terrorism: How NOT to Talk ! Love is a Fallacy, a funny short story by Max Shulman. How to Win Any Argument On The Internet, a cheerfully obscene guide to flaming. How to Argue and Win every time. Alcohol and lying appear to be involved.

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Argument By Dismissal Argument By Vehemence Appeal To Force Affirming The Consequent...
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