A particular boyfriend

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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2011
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A particular boyfriend
Mother: Victoria Navarro (as Emily)
Father: Ariel Miño (as Robert)
Daugther: Caltalina Dahbar (as Katy)
Boyfriend: Ramiro Lueso (as John)

Narrator: A very correctfamily and a fussy daughter. It was 8th August Katy was talking whit her parents.

Emily: - You have to behave well and show us you are a responsible person to travel alone.-

Robert: - you mother isright and we want you to come back home without any problems.-

Kate: - you don´t have to worry about me. I know how to acr and behave.-

Narrator: Two weeks later, Kate was preparing her bags,she was going to travel to the United States.

Kate: - The day has come, i´m very nervous but i´m not going to change my mind.-

Narrator: Everybody was very ancious. Were at the airport,friends, parents and relatives when Kate was walking to get the plane

Emily. – Good luck and hope you have a very pleasaur journey, my dear daughter.-

Robert: - You know we love you a lot, don´tforget to phone us when you arrive. We´ll miss you, baby.-

Narrator: 3 months later Kate was coming back. Everybody was waitng foe her but they were surprised when they saw her coming but, not alone.Robert: - She is coming with a boy!

Kate: - Hello everybody. I´ll introduce my boyfriend to you. This John.-

Narrator: What they didný know was that kate was pregnant and John didnñt havegood mammers
When they arrived home, Kate´s parents started a little conversation

Robert: - John, would you like to have dinner at a restaurant?.-

John: - of course. But you will pay, won´t you?Narrator: the parents were surprised an disappointed.
When they arrived at the restaurant, John set an put his feet on the table

Kate: - love, could you behave? Please.-

Narrator: finallythe food was on the table, but John started to eat like a pig!!! Kate was red like a tomato´

John: - Ohhhhh, it´s delicious!.-

Emily: - Stop please!.-

John: - take ir easy, mother-in-law!...
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