A sherlock holmes collection

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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2012
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“A Sherlock Holmes Collection” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
I’m going to resume the story called “The speckled band”. One morning a frightened woman arrived at Holmeshouse asking for help. Her name was Helen and she was living with her stepfather Dr.Roylott. Helen had a twin sister Julia, and a rich mother who got married withRoylott with one condition, all her money must go to her daughters when they get married. Later, their mother died in a train accident. One day Julia met a boy, theyfell in love and decided to get
married, but she died two weeks before the wedding. The night her sister died, Helen heard
one scream and then a whistle and a bang.Helen ran to Julia’s room and she only said “It was
the speckled band”. Julia was alone in her room and the doctors didn’t find any cause of
death. Helen wasgoing to get married soon and because of it she was at Holmes’ house. Her
stepfather was repairing Helen’s room and she must sleep in Julia’s room. Every night Helenheard a whistle and she was frightened, so Holmes went that night to her house. He saw a safe
with a little plate of milk above it at Roylott’s room and also along cord that went from
Roylott’s room to Julia’s room. Holmes stayed at Julia’s room that night, and when he heard
the whistle hit the cord with a stick. He couldhear a scream. Dr.Roylott was dead, and there
was a yellow band with brown speckles in his head. It was a snake that Roylott chose because
doctors can’t find thepoison. The safe contained the snake and the whistle was a signal of
return for the snake. So Holmes guessed all mysteries and the case was solved.
The end
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