A society indomitable

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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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The work consists of five high school students that some problems have to go to meet their punishment on a Saturday to clean the salted and do an essay on what they are and then begin to tell theirproblems:

Victor, a well-nerd type who people think your life is good for getting good grades but not, he is pressured by the people and their parents to take these qualifications in addition to notbeing respected by anyone making try to imitate others, doing crazy things to get "respect" he said, but getting all make fun of him and his nonsense, as the club SpongeBob ends up with them onSaturday from punishment because of signals carried a weapon and starting a fire shot.

Liz, who is getting love in school because there were problems at home after the divorce of her parents andattached his mother's alcoholism, which she always supports her and her mother believed that only lied, but her mother always said it was the result of an unwanted pregnancy, it is always all men admire.The athlete (who I do not remember his name) who is pressured to follow, so to speak, his father's tradition of being good at sports, but his father always pressure to be first in everything, althoughis tired of following the orders of his father. Besides it is left handle by society.

Liz's sister, who lives behind the shadow of her sister who attracts attention by dressing very rare, plusthey almost never talk and as she planned to run away from home, though he had the courage to do, already was tired that Liz was the admired.

And finally the most problematic, who has a verycomplicated family, or rather, who has not, because his father is an alcoholic and always hits his mother and his father always beats him when he tries to defend his mother or when breaks any glass, having towork for a living, so it was always going to intimidate their peers, although no one keeps you respect, your story makes sense into the others who always complained about their lives, because they...
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