I believe everything happens for a reason

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  • Publicado : 7 de diciembre de 2011
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I believe everything happens for a reason. Everyone that is on this Earth was born for a reason, whether they don’t know the reason. I also believe God has something to do with making everythinghappen on Earth, and there is reason for him making everything happen, whether it’s good or bad.
You’ll go through tough times in your life that are unexplainable but in the end they make you astronger person. For example, my papa got hit by a car the day after Christmas in 2009. He was in coma for 7 weeks. Those 7 weeks were tough. The doctor finally told us he was going to pass away February13th or 14th. February 14 is my birthday and I knew my papa wouldn’t give me a birthday present like that. My papa passed away February 13, 2009 and also 13 is my papa’s favorite number so I find that alittle ironic also. Now, there isn’t a day where I don’t think about my papa.
I had an amazing friend and teammate that passed away in 2010 due to a brain tumor. She touched so many lives. She gotdiagnosed with a brain tumor and was only expected to live less than a year. She surprised doctors and lives for 2 more years. When she passed away in 2010 it was so hard for our team, she was such apositive influence and she was always happy no matter her situation. She was the definition of Tewksbury Tough and still is. We have scholarships and awards due to Meghan Mary McCarthy now.
This pastsummer I was coaching my summer league team when I saw my AAU coach from basketball. He asked me to meet the coach for Northern Essex Community College (NECC) because he wanted me to play on hisgirls’ basketball team. I was so excited and happy because I knew MCC didn’t have a girl’s teams. I met the coach and he said he’d love for me to be on his team, so I applied to NECC. At the time I wasthinking “god gave me this opportunity for a reason”. Once I started thinking about playing basketball at NECC I was getting bad thoughts. I told the coach I was going to stay at MCC and he told me...
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