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In-bond Goods System
A customs system under Articles 163 through 166 of the General Customs Act #7557 and its Bylaws allowing to bring merchandise into the local customs domain under guarantee, with all taxes and suspended.
Merchandise must be submitted to transformation, repair, reconstruction, or assembly, or it must be included into assemblies, machinery, general transportation equipmentor devices with increased technological or functional complexity or used for similar purposes under regulated conditions as stated by the appropriate bureau.
Companies in the System can operate under two different modes:
1. 100% re-export (either direct or indirect)
Intended for companies re-exporting their entire output to third markets. Companies operating under this mode willnot be allowed to sell their goods to In-bond Goods companies in the local market under the terms and conditions previously authorized by the Foreign Trade Ministry (COMEX.)
2. Re- export (either direct or indirect) and local sale
Intended for companies re-exporting or selling their goods to In-bond Goods companies in the local market under the terms and conditions previously authorized byCOMEX.
To sell goods in the local market, companies operating under this mode must pay in full all taxes established under the final "M" of merchandise
In-bond Goods System Bylaws
As per Article 140 subsections 3) and 18) of the Constitution, Article 28 subsection b) of the Public Administration General Act, the Standard Central American Customs Code II, the General Customs Act # 7557,Regulation # 25270-H, and the Income Tax Act # 7092.
A list of the electronic forms to be used by companies under the System to carry out procedures with the Operations and Control Management Office follows. The electronic completion instructions for each procedure are provided.
* Application for Inclusion in the in-bond Goods System and for Authorization to Serve as PublicCustoms Function Assistant
* Application for module Extension ->Spanish version only
* Request to Alter Local Sales Percentage ->Spanish version only
* Request to Change Sales Mode ->Spanish version only
* Request to Change Facilities ->Spanish version only
* Request to Change Company Name ->Spanish version only
* Directions to Request Delay of Operations StartupDate ->Spanish version only
* Request to Expanded Markets – Customers ->Spanish version only
* Request to Quit the System ->Spanish version only
* Request to Import Goods ->Spanish version only
* Request to Transfer Goods ->Spanish version only
* Request to Change Percentages for Shrinkage, Residue, and Allowance ->Spanish version only
* Request toOutsource and Provide Service ->Spanish version only
* Request to Borrow Machinery and Equipment ->Spanish version only
* Request to Furnish New Plants ->Spanish version only
* Request for Extension (Machinery, Equipment, and Spare Parts) ->Spanish version only
* Request to Expand Modules (Tariff Sections) ->Spanish version only
* Request for Enlargement (Raw Materials)->Spanish version only
In-bond Goods System – Annual Report

This booklet contains the directions to properly complete the Annual Operations Report for companies under the In-bond Goods System.

Private information in the Annual Operations Report will be kept strictly confidential.


a) Companies must submit the report under electronic format through the Operations Annual Report System (Sistema de Informes Anuales de Operaciones - SIAN)

b) Companies must submit to the Operations Management Bureau

* A printed Annual Operations Report (original.)

* All documents mentioned in item 2. of this booklet.

c) Financial statements must be...
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