What´s so big about a $ 7 trillion dollar debt? what´s so big about a $ 7 trillion dollar debt?

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What´s so big about a $ 7 trillion dollar debt?

1. Is having a $7 trillion national debt a problem? Why or not?

In regards to the number cruncher, of course it is a national problem, becauseunless  we take actions now, the future generation will be responsible for paying this debt, and by then, the interest will be so high that not even you would be able to pay it.  Moreover, it isnecessary that the budget be presented in a unified manner before the debt gets bigger since the  distinction between the expenditure account and the loan account  has proved to be confusing and has  causedconsiderable complications in the budget regardless of the little benefit it may have.

To understand how big seven trillion dollars are, we can think about it amounts of one trillion dollars: Itis  the amount that would occur if they spend a dollar  every second during 3.200.000 years. For instance, if there are seven trillion dollars, it would take 22.400.000 years to spend a dollar for eachsecond.  Witt his debt growing, and taking into account the magnitude of the problem, It must consequently be said that the simple interest payments on this debt would be inevitably devoted to alarge percentage of the national budget;  from the viewpoint of a budget balancer, i think, that this increase of the debt of united state's government, is a Hugh problem, not just for the state, also isa problem for all people because government have to save money of the  governmental spend, so when they try to reduce the economic spend, laying people off from their jobs, the another problem is thatif all this haven’t job, and if the government increase the taxation, the same people will not have how to pay, the money that the government ask; conducting an analysis from de perspective of a FactChecker, the  debt to the United States is a problem as this is progressively increasing, and so this debt generates interest, with the result that the country's revenues are used to cover...
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