Actividad en futuro

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Activity type: : this is an activity in which students discover the meaning of language used to talk about future events. It also puts the language into use and reviews the use of the future perfectand the future continuous.

Level: High Intermediate and above

Teacher's notes:
1. Ask the students to think about what they hope to be doing in 1 year’s time, 5 year’s time and in 10 year’stime. Put them into pairs to discuss this. Monitor and correct as much as possible.
2. Once they have done this for a few minutes, ask for feedback from the students. Write some of the answers onthe board. Highlight the language that they use. They will probably use ‘will’ and ‘to be going to’. To build on this, dictate two sentences about your own future e.g. I will be living in Ireland inten year’s time. I will have had two children in five year’s time.
3. Highlight the form of the two sentences first i.e. that one is the future continuous and one is the future perfect. Show thestudents how the sentences are formed by rewriting what you dictated correctly onto the board. Note that the initial dictation is to ‘test’ how much the students know of the form and to check theirpronunciation of the form once in connected speech.
4. Then put the students into pairs to think about the difference between the two forms. Ask them to draw timelines if necessary.
5. Once theyhave done this draw the timeline on the board.

_________NOW_________+_________+___________TEN YEAR’S TIME>

This represents the future perfect i.e. something which will happen before a certainpoint in the future. The exact time of the action is unknown but it will happen at some time up until a certain point.

________NOW______________TEN YEAR’S TIME__________>++++++++++++++++++++>

This represents the future continuous i.e. something which is happening at a certain point in the future.

6. Highlight the meaning of the structure by asking questions. 
7. This...
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