Be Someone

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Be Someone

“Keep Moving Forward” that is a very famous and memorable phrase that describes no matter what happens in the past you have to always live the present and look to the future. Thisphrase does not only express that. It refers to the aim of many young people to never give up to their dreams.

A lot of people especially teenagers are thinking what they are going to do in the future.They want to do many things like enter to the university, having a family, have a good job, specifically be someone in this life. This fact is not strange to my person, there is no difference, and Iwant the same and more. I want to be someone big.

Having the desire to be successful in life it is an awesome and challenging feeling. I think everybody dream with it. But it is not impossible tomake it if you work hard and believe in yourself. That is what my parents always teach to me since I was a little girl.

Life is not easy and I think everybody knows that. It is full of surprises, thegood and the bad ones. But a successful person always knows how to managed them and deal with them too.

Many times success is confused to be rich. However these are two different things. Beingsuccessful is been a happy with our jobs and personal life, despite of the quantity off money. If you are successful, money comes by itself. Being rich is only a person who has money, regardless how youobtained it. It can because the person is a burglar or it is a hardworking person.

There are many ways to be a successful person for example work hard, respect all the people you know, asked forhelp when it is needed, always set goals, never give up and many other little but important things. It all start with an “I can” and then continues with an “I want”.

I can speak two languages thenative one and English. I can play many songs with the guitar. I can cook some of the dishes of my country. I can read long books without losing the interest that I have in the beginning. I can run...
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