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The term bruxism is derived from the French "the bruxo-manie"; first used in 1907 by Marie Pietkiewicz but credited to Frohman in 1931 the use of this term to identify a dental problemtriggered by abnormal jaw movement.
Bruxism is considered a disease of common occurrence, and can be observed in all age levels, with similar prevalence in both sexes.
Studies showed that bruxism isone of the most prevalent and destructive dental complex functional disorders that exist and can have such an ancient origin as the man himself. Determining prevalence of bruxism in the generalpopulation is difficult, as is the habit unconsciously by many individuals. Bruxism initially worn enamel, this being the most important sign of this condition, the wear pattern is more common in anteriorteeth in natural dentition, contrary to what was found in patients with total joint where the wear is in the posterior regions . Bruxism diagnosis is readily made by noting the tooth wear injuriessometimes occur by bending in the vicinity of the gingival margin, in later stages.
The "bruxism" has also been linked to other diseases including intestinal parasites, especially in children and thedeveloping countries.
Bruxism has also been associated with stress and disturbances during sleep, especially in critical situations in which psychosocial stress on masseter muscles can be improved byprescribed muscle relaxants or tranquilizers.
Possibly the power to influence tooth wear and bruxism as it is more frequent tooth wear in Mexico than in European-American Americans.
This study attemptsto relate tooth wear with bruxism in college students and a few common nuisance or bruxism.


El término bruxismo es derivado del francés “la bruxo-manie”; utilizado por primera vez porMarie Pietkiewicz en 1907, pero se le acredita a Frohman en 1931 la utilización de este término para identificar un problema dentario desencadenado por el movimiento mandibular anormal.
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