Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Business Concept
-Describe Business: My company named “SunCharge” is a new concept of a battery charger. Its core business is called iSun. It is one of the best products of alltimes.
-Product: It is a device created for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is very useful because it is small, portable, and it charges with the sun.
-Market: Nowadays all the people use technology forall the things: homework, music, social networks, work, email, etc.
-Competitive Advantage: This product is the only on which can charges with sunlight. The mechanism works with sun cells thattransform sunlight into electric energy. So your devices can charge all day long.

Financial Features
-Return of the Investment: The equilibrium is about selling 10,000 chargers. So in about 1 year wewill have profits.

Current Business Position

Major Achievements
-Location: The corporate will be situated in Polanco. The shops will be opened in Parque Delta, Perisur and other important malls.-Crucial Contacts: The most important contact that we have is the actual manager of Apple.
-Results of any Marketing Test: The results of the marketing test that we did, tell us that this productis going to be very useful because many people have battery problems every day. The test shows the main necessities of the market.

Business Description

Concentrate on the Structure-type ofOperation
The structure-type operation is about technology.

Legal Form
-Owner: Luis Alfredo Osorio De la Mora is the main shareholder.
-Distribution: It will be distributed in many malls andtechnology shops such as BestBuy and Office Depot.
-Advertising: It will be advertised on TV, radio, Internet and outside the shops they will sell it.
-Promotion: We set a strategic alliance with Apple andif you buy an iPhone, iPad o iPod you can get the iSun 50% off.
-Customer service: We will have a call center where people can ask questions, notice problems, commentaries and opinions about the...
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