Cadena De Favores

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Dialogo en ingles

A: Hello!
B: Hello!
A: Why do you phone me?
B: Because I don't know one exercise of maths.
A: Oh! Maths is my favouritesubject but I don't do maths yet
B: Do you fancy come to my house and we do maths?
A: Yes I do. See you later.

A: Oh! It's a beautiful house. Ilike it.
B: Really?
A: Yes it's very beautiful. Do you like to show your house?
B: OK. This is the living room, this is the kitchen, this is thecorridor, this is the bedroom of my sister, this is the bedroom of my parents and this is my bedroom.
A: If we do the homework now we don't do inthe evening
B: OK. It's true. Let we go!
A: Have you got market?
B: Yes I have. Here you are.
A: Thanks.
B: Have you got portfolio file?
A: YesI have. Here you are.
B: Thanks.
A: I'm finish.
B: Me too. Do you like watch TV?
A: Yes I do
B: Who is your favourite program on TV?
A: ElHormiguero. Do you now it?
B: Yes it is my favourite program on TV too but now isn't on the TV.
A: Oh. What do you like to do?
B: I don't now butdo you like listen to music?
A: No I don't but I like play computer games
B: Really?
A: Yes I love game of cook. Do you like them?
B: Yes I do. Ihave a lot games of cook. Let we go to play computer game.
A: It's is a biscuit?
B: Yes it is
A: I love it
B: Do you like one?
A: Yes I do
B:I have in the kitchen come on.
A: It's delicious but it's four o'clock I arranged to go for a walk with my dad see you on Monday.
B: See you.
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