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The Business Model Canvas
Key Partners
Who are our Key Partners? Who are our key suppliers? Which Key Resources are we acquiring from partners? Which Key Activities do partners perform?motivations for partnerships: Optimization and economy Reduction of risk and uncertainty Acquisition of particular resources and activities

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Key Activities
What Key Activities do our Value Propositions require? Our Distribution Channels? Customer Relationships? Revenue streams?
categories Production Problem SolvingPlatform/Network

Value Propositions
What value do we deliver to the customer? Which one of our customer’s problems are we helping to solve? What bundles of products and services are we offering toeach Customer Segment? Which customer needs are we satisfying?
characteristics Newness Performance Customization “Getting the Job Done” Design Brand/Status Price Cost Reduction Risk ReductionAccessibility Convenience/Usability

Customer Relationships
What type of relationship does each of our Customer Segments expect us to establish and maintain with them? Which ones have we established? How arethey integrated with the rest of our business model? How costly are they?
examples Personal assistance Dedicated Personal Assistance Self-Service Automated Services Communities Co-creationCustomer Segments
For whom are we creating value? Who are our most important customers?
Mass Market Niche Market Segmented Diversified Multi-sided Platform

Key Resources
What Key Resources do ourValue Propositions require? Our Distribution Channels? Customer Relationships? Revenue Streams?
types of resources Physical Intellectual (brand patents, copyrights, data) Human Financial

ChannelsThrough which Channels do our Customer Segments want to be reached? How are we reaching them now? How are our Channels integrated? Which ones work best? Which ones are most cost-efficient? How are we...
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