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Build your own oval Beetle

out of paper!
Simply print out the following pages onto a stiff paper, cut out the parts with scissors, then
glue together! Below are some simple assemblyinstructions, use some white wood glue for
fast results and a strong final model.

1. Start with the floorpan and fold in the 4 places
2. Cut out the sides and glue the running boards to the floorpan
3. Cutout and assemble the roof section
4. Next cut out the front windscreen and glue the upper edge to the roof section
5. Now glue the roof and windscreen onto the two sides
6. Assemble all four wingsand glue the headlights and taillights onto them
7. Glue the front and rear valences to the floorpan and sides, remember to cut the bumper bracket
8. Now glue the wings onto the sides
9.Fold the bumper brackets and carefully insert and glue into the valence slots
10. Next assemble and attach the front bonnet (hood) and rear decklid
11. Add the rear licence plate and licence platelight to the rear decklid
12. Make up the four wheels
13. Make up the two axles
14. Glue one wheel onto one end of the axle, then position through the sides under the wing and
glue the wheel on theother side. Glue the axle to the floorpan and make sure the spacing is
even on each side
15. Repeat for the other two wheels
16. Glue the over-riders onto the backs of the bumpers, then glue thebumpers to the brackets
17. Finally, assemble the two exhaust pipes and insert into the two holes in the rear valence.

© 2002 Rob Amos

left side





fold in these four places to match this profile


front wing

front headlights

front wing

licence plate light

rear licence plate



front valence

rear valence

rear wing

rear wing
rear tail lights


rear window
bonnet (hood)


front bumper bracket

front bumper...
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