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SAT Subject Tests
Showcase Your Achievements

Showcase Your Achievements with SAT Subject Tests™
SAT Subject Tests™ are a valuable way to help you show colleges a more completepicture of your academic background and interests. By showcasing your achievement in specific subjects, SAT Subject Tests give you an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the college admission process.• Satisfy basic requirements for certain majors before you even get to college. • Use your scores to help you pick courses that are right for you.

What are SAT Subject Tests?
SAT Subject Testsare one-hour exams on specific subjects you’ve learned in school. You choose the tests that best showcase your achievements and interests. The tests include:
Math Level 1 Math Level 2 U.S. HistoryWorld History Biology Chemistry Physics

When should you take SAT Subject Tests?
It’s best to take an SAT Subject Test after completing course work for that subject. For foreign languages,mathematics and literature, it may be beneficial to have two or more years of experience in those subjects before taking each test.


What’s the experience like?
SAT Subject Tests are flexibleand can be tailored to your strengths and interests. You choose the subjects that you want to take, up to three in a sitting. You can even change subjects or the number of tests you want to take ontest day (except for listening tests).

French German Italian Latin Modern Hebrew Spanish

Chinese with Listening French with Listening German with Listening Japanese with Listening Korean withListening Spanish with Listening

They are scored on a 200- to 800-point scale.

How should you get ready for the SAT Subject Tests?
Because the SAT Subject Tests are based on high school subjectmaterial, the best way to prepare for the tests is to review what you’ve learned in the classroom. You should also check out sat.collegeboard.com for more information about the format and topics covered...
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