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Choosing enterprise is like choosing couple

When Cristian Jaramillo, from Cuenca, studied Automotive Engineering at “Universidad del Azuay”, he shared his time working in a small repair shop. Hewas there for five years until he had the oportunity to work in the dealer “Automotores y Anexos” (Nissan and Renault).

Besides a better economic offer, Jaramillo was interested in the careeropportunities this new job offered him. In the workshop I was working, I reached a limit and felt stuck with my career, while in the car dealership the growing possibilities are open.

On this basis, hisprospects were fulfilled before he expected. The young professional took part in a competition and before having worked in this company for 18 months, he was already benefited with one and a halfmonth course of electronic specialization at Renault facilities in Colombia. It was necessary to search much. According to him, when it is about cars, Japanese and European brands take the lead. That’swhy when he was proposed this offer, he accepted immediately because he thought he had a long way to go. The fact of knowing the path the organization foresees for the position a person has applied foris the clue when considering a job offer, according to Claudio Patiño, commercial director of Graiman, a firm from Cuenca. The professional and economic development of the applicant depends on that.Patiño says, In Graiman, new employees are informed about their career plan and it doesn’t mean the worker can’t look for his own real alternatives according to the experience of other co-workers andthe organization politics.

Some of those aspects, Patiño emphasizes the social orientation of the company, the market positioning, its internal politics, and others. Before analyzing all of these,for him, the applicant should be clear about his profile and evaluate if he is suitable for the position.

Eugenio Fernández, manager of the employment agency Censervi, share this criteria....
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