Choosing your english coursebook

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There are many criteria that can be used for evaluating coursebooks. However, for practical purposes a manageable list of the mostimportant criteria will be needed. As different criteria will apply in different circumstances, it is best to identify your own priorities and draw up your own checklist, and adding others of your own,based on your concerns and priorities.

Quick-reference checklist for evaluation and selection.

Aims and approaches
- Do the aims of the coursebook correspond closely with the aims of theteaching programme and with the needs of the learners?
- Is the coursebook suited to the learning/teaching situation?
- How comprehensive is the coursebook? Does it cover most or all of what isneeded? Is it a good resource for students and teachers?
- Is the coursebook flexible? Does it allow different teaching and learning styles?

Design and organization
- What componentsmake up the total course package (eg students’ books, teachers’ books, workbooks, cassettes, etc)?
- How is the content organized (eg according to structures, functions, topics, skills, etc)? Isthe organization right for learners and teachers?
- How is the content sequenced) eg on the basis of complexity, ‘learnability’, usefulness, etc.)?
- Is the grading and progression suitable forthe learners? Does it allow them to complete the work needed to meet any external syllabus requirements?
- Is there adequate recycling and revision?
- Are there reference sections for grammar,etc? Is some of the material suitable for individual study?
- Is it easy to find your way around the coursebook? Is the layout clear?

Language content
- Does the coursebook cover the maingrammar items appropriate to each level, taking learners’ needs into account?
- Is material for vocabulary teaching adequate in terms of quantity and range of vocabulary, emphasis placed on...
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