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Therapeutic cloning is the cloning that is performed whit the purpose of a medical treatment. This for example: growing an organ in order to replace the bad organ with a good organ clone, to create nerve cells for someone with a neurological condition or a brain damage, to generate skin for a burned person, etcetera.
This type of cloning is formally called somatic cell nucleartransfer. The process involves extracting the nucleus of a cell, and putting it in to an egg (which has been enucleated). Then the egg is allowed to divide and grow.
In therapeutic cloning the growing egg is used as a source of stem cells, which are undifferentiated cells that can grow into a wide variety of different types of cells. This differs from reproductive cloning (in which the egg isallowed to grow as a baby).

Therapeutic cloning will be an advantage for medical treatments; Therapeutic cloning will allow doctors to replace missing or damaged body parts of their patients by growing a replacement. This would eliminate organ and tissue shortages, ensuring that every patient who requires something like kidneys or a new liver could get it. Using cloned body parts would alsoeliminate the need for immunosuppressive drugs and reduce the risk of rejection or any other problems commonly associated with transplant.

The pros and cons of cloning is a huge subject, which scientists and ethicists have not fully uncovered. One issue when discussing this matter is the different types of things cloned. People might see more benefit in cloning plants or animals than they do incloning whole people, for instance.
Cloning in human beings can prove to be a solution to infertility. Cloning has the potential of serving as an option for producing children. Cloning may make it possible to reproduce a certain trait in human beings. We will be able to produce people with certain qualities, human beings with particular desirable traits, thus making human beings a man-made being.This has a bad side as well like what if something goes wrong like in animal cloning (many cloned animals have developed mutations or they have several health conditions so they die really young). Another good aspect of cloning is that it can offer the cloning of body parts; this could be a lifesaver for someone that requires a transplant of a really important organ but this also has a not too badaspect, patients that require any organ transplant will need to clone their organs years before even needing the “spare” organ. Like someone that needs a heart transplant at 40 could only have a “spare” (cloned heart) only if he or she had a heart cloned at 18 (because the heart needs years to grow). Cost is an issue too, and it would be hard to know if a health insurance company would pay for aperson to have an organ cloned, or if these prices would be so prohibitive as to make the process unaffordable or available only to the rich. Again, the issue of genetic diversity is an important one. Would cloning eliminate a gene or a piece of DNA today that doesn’t seem important, but might be in a different world some time in the future?

Moral is a really big problem as well. Many are againstthe idea of cloning, both human and animal. In the case of humans is undermines the child's individuality, stealing away what makes everyone an individual. Cloned children may feel depressed, knowing that someone else has already played their life out for them. 

The idea of cloning humans almost makes humans seem like objects. No longer are humans individual and created from love, but ratherfrom scientists knowing exactly what they will look like and perhaps even act. The rich can get highly intelligent, model babies, pure objects of wealth. 
Human cloning could also cause separation in families. A child he or she is not from the same genetics as its family members could cause social problems, similar to what some adopted children feel. 

Human cloning also treads on many religious...
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