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Meaning and regulations:

Cloning; it means to make an exact genetic copy of an individual. The objective of the investigation in human cloning has never been to clone people or create babiesin reverse, it’s only objective is to create egg cells for the cure of diseases. There are many investigations of human and animal cloning to obtain egg cells that have been published. And of coursethis knowledge has been used incorrectly. The doctors evaluate the human cloning as a high risk activity. Most of the animal cloning tests have result in deformed embryos or abortions afterimplantation, but that deformations are not detectable through the analysis in the uterus. (Human cloning, an overview)

The United States House of Representatives voted whether to ban all human cloning, bothreproductive and therapeutic (in 1998, 2001, 2004 and 2007). But divisions in the Senate prevented the proposal from passing. Current regulations prohibit federal funding for research into humancloning, which effectively presents such research from occurring in public institutions such as universities which receive federal funding. Even though all that happened, there are currently no federal lawsin the United States which ban cloning completely.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Like everything the human cloning has its advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage we have is reverseaging resolving heart problems. It suggest that with the human cloning technology can also be used to aid victims of heart attacks. Next we have the repair of damaged tissues and organs. Theresolution of infertility, one of the greatest human cloning benefits, but with this treatment also comes a great deal of emotional and physical trauma. We can also use human cloning to clone livers andkidneys to be used in transplants. To mention some if the disadvantages, human cloning can result in abnormal babies and emotional risks. Let’s introduce ourselves to the human cloning process.

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